The SAHE is actively engaged in promoting health economics and health sciences based on scientific and practical experience.

Conception of the association
The SAHE is an autonomous and independent organization, gathering information on a high-quality health system of superior efficiency.

Health politics
The SAHE raises consciousness about the importance of health economics and health sciences analysis, as well as scrutinizing political measures in a health system.

Doctrine and research
The SAHE promotes and supports as far as possible the doctrine of and research in health economics and health sciences.

The SAHE has a public presence, comments on basic issues and takes part in consultations.

The SAHE cooperates nationally and internationally with organizations and institutions pursuing similar targets.


Realization, support and initiation of congresses and scientific events. Examples: SKGG, ECHE 2012, dggö 2017, WCHE 2019.

Financial support of scientific publications. Examples: Master and PhD theses.

Provision of congresses in an international environment with scholarships, granted as a priority to new-generation scientists (example: students for master and PhD) admitted to a congress by virtue of a paper or a poster.

Organization of study trips. Examples: Singapore 2015 and 2016, Israel 2017, Denmark 2018, Canada 2019 planned.

Awarding the Swiss Prize for Health Economics and Health Sciences.

Operation of the SAGG Think Tank for putting innovative and visionary accents on the map of the Swiss health system.

(non-exhaustive listing)